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Heavy Duty Cattle Pens

Gonzalez Welding offers custom welding & heavy-duty cattle pen gates in various sizes and styles. Precision welding ensures the highest quality.

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We custom-build cattle pen gates and weld them to your specifications.


Our custom fabrication designs help keep cattle and livestock within certain areas.


Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality product at a reasonable price.


Cattle pen gates are used to protect cattle and other animals in holding areas. These cattle pens can be used to separate different groups of animals, build a temporary fence, or split up a herd. Gonzalez Welding customizes cattle pen gates to fit your agriculture needs. 

We custom-build cattle pen gates and weld them to your specifications.

Customers can choose their material, gate length, gate width, gate height, number of panels needed for their project. Our welding services include commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

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Cattle pen gate used to keep cattle in and out of a specific location

Our custom livestock pens are ideal for any situation where you need to hold cattle, sheep, or other animals. Made of high-grade steel, these cattle pens are strong and durable, meaning they will last for years. The single inlet allows the animals to enter the pen but prevents them from leaving. A single outlet provides an exit point once the livestock has been collected. We work with clients to create a design that is perfectly suited to your needs, as well as provide custom metal fabrication for your welding projects.

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How we custom weld our cattle pen gates

Our customers often look for a solution that will match their needs in terms of quality, price, and budget. We design and fabricate every element by hand, ensuring that each piece is unique and tailored to meet our client's specific requirements. We have developed an innovative custom welding service to deliver the best possible results within budget.

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Designing cattle pen gates to fit your custom needs

Gonzalez Welding specializes in manufacturing and welding/fabricating quality horse and cattle panels, farm and pasture gates, and a wide variety of cattle working equipment. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality product at a reasonable price.

We have been providing custom welding services for over 40 years, including horse & cattle panels, farm & pasture gates, and a wide variety of cattle working equipment from bow gates to feeders and sweep systems.

If you're looking for custom welding services then look no further! Our talented team of professionals has over 20 years of experience specializing in creating horse & cattle panels, farm & pasture gates, and more. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

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Looking for a specific cattle pen gate?

Whether you’re looking to keep your animals safe or just give them their own space, Gonzalez Welding can build you a custom cattle pen or cattle corral. We take pride in our work and only use the highest quality materials. We helped customers take on projects of any size, and we have the equipment necessary to weld fences that are over 12 feet high. 

We manufacture and install hand-crafted gates and railings. Our gate and fencing projects cover a wide range of styles, materials, and designs to match the unique character of your property. Contact us today at 830-542-2211 for a free quote.

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We specialize in all types of welding, repair, fabrication, and design services for a wide range of industries. Our highly qualified team will work with you to provide the best solution for your needs. 

Gonzalez Welding continues to serve San Antonio with the highest quality of service and custom welding craftsmanship. If you're interested in custom welding and fabrication for your property, please contact us at 830-542-2211. We'd be happy to help start your project soon.

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